Damsel in denim sitting on a park bench at 9 pm,
I wasn't sure of what to say but I held out my hand,

Said mother "the swallows had left the nest at noon"
Said conscience "our lives could very well end soon"

Her boyfriend, she insists, had destroyed all her dreams,
And her father had rubbed salt in her wounds it seems,

To be honest, all I heard was 'blah blah blah' sans filters,
I did notice, she was eager for an excuse to reconsider,

"There are many roads to take, why trod only one,"
"Why sink in the drama when you can just have fun?"

So we cavorted through mindlessness, we dabbled in dumb,
And we were young,
And we were young,

And we strapped on our rocket boots,
And we pranced the night in our birthday suits,
And we saw ourselves on the telly screen,
And we pointed our fingers saying ‘he started it”
And we knew we would be beheaded in time,
And we couldn’t make out the fuzzy lines,
And we rolled in the dirt swatting imaginary flies,
And we possessed our old selves until the body died,

And we painted the town with purple love,
And we shared French kisses under watchful stars,
And we were young,
And we were young,

And we licked our fingers clean of the mess,
And we frolicked in lamp lights with no goal for nests,
And we jumped off the bridge and forgot all our stress,
And we pledged celibacy in a state of undress,
And we batted our eyelids if we couldn’t see jaws,
And we had no trouble escaping the law,
And we were full of mistakes but we reveled in flaws,
And we ran all the stop signs in search for the back door,

And we’re one big assumption for them to cringe at,
And we burn paper trails on our hometown home welcome mats,
And we’ve grass stains on our blue jeans and dirt on our sleeves,
And we know what we’re saying, we just don’t know what it means,
And we swig the bottle at your orders and with chagrin we leave,
And we fizzle under moonlit routines that resurrect our dreams,

A young adult adjusts herself on a park bench at 6 in the morning,
And her features have shifted to make room for the contemplating,

"The drama just sags and the confrontations wring me out,"
Said she, "Fuck Lucas, my boyfriend, and whoever brings me down,"

I watched as her life began to creep back into her face,
She slid out of her coat of troubles to face the new day,

So we soldiered through hardships, we more than just survived,
And we are alive,
And we are alive.




© Hazim Haemoglobin





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