Written In 5 Minutes

You tell yourself somebody might want you,
Like a secondhand toy in the discount bin,
But nobody comes along to save you,
From all the trouble that you're in,

You try to help yourself in every way you can,
You try to wear that cracked smile to hide,
But the paint peels off, they see and shrug,
It's really not worth their trouble to try,

Your family's off and left you by the side of the road,
You're looking at your friends outside the glass,
And everything you try to do to get them to look,
They just turn their heads and pass,

So this is where the train will stop,
This is when I get off,
I can't trudge through every day,
I've simply had enough,

They say you're not supposed to do these things,
Then how else can you be cured?
Of all the things that bog you down,
Of all the things you can't endure,

I'm dispensable, don't worry, I can be easily replaced,
I'm just Hazim, Hazim is all, I'm really just a waste,
Of time and effort and money and trust,
I'm just a guy who's had enough,
I'm just a guy who's had enough.

© Hazim Haemoglobin



Written In 5 minutes

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