Who Do You Love?

I needed a collaboration and you handed me a mirror
Seeking for the sought after, you abruptly reconsidered

Reaching past the looking glass
Trying to get inside your mind
When everything dissolves too fast
We don’t bother looking behind
To salvage remnants from our past
Am I just wasting time?
Was I just wasting your time?
Because YOU were wasting mine…

Alcohol provide reaffirmations, I never got any from you
Leans on boredom, delves into doldrums, there was only one thing left to do
When the sun collapses on our bed
There’s no claiming I’ll be enough
To tide you over that space in our heads
Who do you love?

Valentines was me going through motions
Tiptoeing lines, trying to be enough
In the end, there’s no pretending we have passion
Who do you love?

Who Do You Love?



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Who Do You Love?

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