What I Want (And What I Really Want)


I want your pink Ferrari parked in my garage,
I want a driver's license so I can actually drive it,
I want the Casio you took off to pin your corsage,
I want to see the latest Armanis and the money to buy it, 

I want a Tibetan mastiff to guard my stash,
I want a private Bowie concert in my studio bathroom,
I want to buy a Boeing 727 and pay it with cash,
I want a cinema installed to match my Wellington broadlooms,  

I want some James Purdy and Son guns to defend,
I want them cus them burglars'll be eyeing my Benz,
I want a Sunreef double decked to fit 200 of my closest friends,
I want a luxe suite in Barbuda so I can smooth out my tan, 

I want a classic Monroe poster of Channel Number 5,
I want caviar every morning for breakfast with my Krug,
I want my GoldVish Le Million to have GaGa on speed dial,
I want to binge on Idursulfase just cus it's, like, the world's most expensive drug,

Here's the difference between what I say and what I mean,
There goes some more wanting distracting me from what I need,
And all this talking, is really nonsense, because none of it may ever come true,
I ain't going shopping, my own common senses stirring, saying, telling me,

All I really want is you. 
(Yeah, my heart's telling me),

All I really want is you, 
(Yeah, my heart's telling me),

All I ever really wanted through all this chasing, wanting, dreaming, hunting,
Was you,

And if none of my wishes ever come true,
I'll be fine, be happy, be alright, if I have you,

I want you. I do. 

(Yeah, my heart's telling me),
I want you.

What I Want



© Hazim Haemoglobin



What I Want (And What I Really Want)

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