What Happened Today

Mother called me at 1,
Told me that he's gone,
I was packing my bags,
And she told me I had,

Better stay where I am,
But she can't understand, 

Why I'm so pissed at myself,
With all the work I have left,  

To complete, and I want to know why,
I can't see him for the last time, 

Before he's covered in earth,
And forget what he's worth, 

I'm alone in my room,
I don't know what to do, 

I don't want to go outside,
I'm too fragile to try to hide, 

All my anger at faith and no,
Nobody really knows, 

How I'll make it out alive,
Because I'm missing his smile,  

And the way that he jokes,
Punching my arm and calling me slow, 

Then racing off to fade,
Past all the glory days, 

I don't know how to cry,
But I'm crumbling inside, 

Wish I'd been by his bed,
To hear whatever he may have said, 

Or maybe just to hear his voice,
And I am losing my poise, 

I am turning to stone,
Please just leave me alone, 

Everything gets on my nerves,
Because I don't think I deserve,  

To not be there right now,
To be sitting this one out, 

This will go on and on and on,
But I can't be that strong, 

Because strong I am not,
And I just want it to stop.

What Happened Today



© Hazim Haemoglobin


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