churning out confessions
assembly line replacements
I don't need your assurance
to break down my resistance
take your psalms and leave

your tongue's traipse is tragic
could we try and defy logic?
by adopting different tactics
kisses have shed all their magic
you don't mean anything to me

wayward dancing in my eyes, stalks every stumble in my speech
because I am terrible with goodbyes, and you shouldn't mean anything to me

you smell like a bad decision
words picked with pin precision
they still fail to gain admission
don't approach these as derisions
I've only had a little less than enough

peeking over my cold shoulder
you're still hunting for a closer
relationships are never really over
as long as we still remember
every glance we stole when we were in love

running uphill away from your gaze, and I exhaust my own control
because you still linger every day, because half of me won't let you go

pray somebody diverts your attention
so I'm not lulled back into passion
yet if that somebody shows more compassion
easier on the eyes, with higher education
I just might uncover my own Hyde

He cups your face, tilts your chin
maybe I'm just built to be a has been
to watch him kiss you, bask in your win
left out cold in my lonely skin
I never even had to utter 'goodbye'

sitting on this sagging unwashed mattress, tracing your naked sleeping form on the sheets
and you were always pure and blameless, and I was always prone to causing my own deadbeat defeat

what was I fighting in the first place?



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



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