Old Toyota


It would be 2001
The family Toyota Unser
There is a reason why it isn't manufactured anymore
I would be on the edge of 13
Sulking in the backseat while my sisters giggled
And Mother is in the front yelling at us to not eat potato chips in the van
Because of crumbs
Or something
We shook the crumbs off the seats as best as we could
Mother would discover them sooner or later

And Father would complain about the steering
And how wimpy the horn sounded
We were never kings of the roads in the old van
WIth its indistinct shade of gray
It wasn't even pimped out like other people's Unsers
I'd fidget with the child safety lock
My sister would slap on horrendous glittery stickers on the back window
She was 9
I guess I can forgive her now
And together we'd hold up HELP US. WE'VE BEEN KIDNAPPED signs in the back so the drivers behind could read while Father spat out words we had never heard of from the front


It is 2010
And our family has had a Sienna for a while now
It is sleek and beautiful
Like a well groomed, well bred racehorse
Black Beauty we should call her
And I see the old trusty Unser parked amongst the weeds
Cracks in the mirror
And deflated tires
Father wasn't able to find a buyer
Who wants an Unser?
I opened the window to reveal the dusty insides
Old school report cards and notices tucked, or rather shoved, into the pockets of the seats
The stain from the time Mother spilled her latte on the day we drove to examine the replacement Sienna
Little insects crawling around on the mat
I pat the cushions and watch the dust rise up like angry bees
And I've intruded
But this was once a second home
Those rides in this ancient vehicle kept the family in one piece
Even if it was only for the duration of those rides
Treasures are those old stickers and papers
I find more rummaging around in the glove compartment
I sit and recline myself in the driver's seat and imagine Mother beside nagging and Sister behind singing along to Britney Spears songs
This old family ghost ship
This old Toyota.

Old Toyota



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Old Toyota

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