This Cloud Will Rain (Eventually)

Clear skies,

Nary a cloud,

Leave our umbrellas at home,

And then head on out,

Balloon animals,

Picnics in the park

Floating through carnivals,

We should get home before it’s dark,

Water gun fights,

Praises sung as if from a children's choir

Laughter fills the air

But we’re all really liars,

Forced smiles,

Lie awake at night,

Bright new days

Seem this way because of artificial light

Anxious and wound up,

Rusted up assurances,

There are wrinkles,

And fathomed consequences

This house is not a home,

It’s the uneasy quiet,

Another picnic won’t do,

Silent anger, silent crying,

No big fights,

None of those have surfaced yet,

There is no release,

For all this pent up anger and regret,

This face will fall, these smiles will fade,

And this cloud will rain,


This Cloud Will Rain Eventually


© Hazim Haemoglobin



This Cloud Will Rain (Eventually)

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