The Heat

Tongues tango
In the confinements of their parent mouth
I don't smell reluctance. I dare you to grip your abstinence.
But I’m not pressing up against your heaving chest for no reason
You know what it’s about.

Sweat beads
Excavate your neither regions anxiously
Uncharted places my hands start to explore. There’s the door
Should you feel this might elevate to levels you don’t want to look down from
But you want more. Of me.

Silly putty boy
Your attire only weighs our naked selves down
Drenched in our excretions. I’m here on a mission. To claim your inhibitions.
Bathe in sun soaked kisses and wash me over with every drop of pent up innocence

I only want to hear your panting sounds.

That’s it
Feel this fever throttle our senses up the summit
Slicked back slide-ins. No further signs of fighting. Baby, just give in.
Dig your nails into my back, wrap your sopping self around my own corrupted form
Higher. Higher.
Close your eyes. Open your mind.
You know you want it.
Shaft your self-conscious
Stings and soothes when I mark your flesh as mine
Scorches skin when I win
Blame the heat for our carnal sins
and seal your chastity with a satisfied shit eating grin
                and a filthy kiss or two
Sweat.     Tears.      and semen.
Me and you.


The Heat


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


The Heat

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