The Build Up

Catch flame,
Windows opened,
Strings, attached to
Moccasins in a parcel,
Estranged sister of mine,
Reaction times in with force,
Bearded collies call you outside,
Lifting barbells of the best alibis,
Gaze at the last resort for another,
Plod alongside, I insist to your nerves,
Hands in faces halt further articulations,
Chagrin fastened to the edges of conviction,
Decibels arise from ashes of two negativities,
Until the partridge is gunned down for leisure,
Pattering of its feet rustle leaves whisper ‘crush’,
Obligatory remarks birthed from pressure unhinged,
Heavy carnage stirs the senses of the quiet cannibals,
Was once a fire worth enveloping is now a major farce,
Ensnaring innocence and chewing off the edges of its tryst,
Stomping already flattened grounds for a complete separation,
There is no losing side when this whole affair has been but a circle.
And every citation you placed your faith, watered down, is nonexistent,
At this end, you must accept aftershocks as a routine in your mundane life.
Therefore, the entire anticlimax rests on its laurels in wait for another explosion.
The Build Up


© Hazim Haemoglobin



The Build Up

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