Short Stories

StoriesWriting isn’t always easy. Reading is. Many people write and I really wish that many people would read, even if involves Twilight books. The ones who read want to read what they want to read, which is anything that has whatever they like. Writers don’t always want to write what people want to read. We want to express ourselves without filters, without deadlines, without expectations and requests.

It’s not always easy trying to find a middle ground. That’s why I think writing poetry is easier than a fully fledged story. If you don’t like it, then you won’t feel so bummed about extolling time to read what I have written because my poetry, in general, is very short.

Short stories are harder to pop out than full on 100 page novels because it’s quite a task trying to cram all your ideas, events and messages into a pack of 3000 or so words. I can’t promise I’ll always have a short story for you, but I’ll always try and give it my all once an idea lights up my mind.

Files are distributed in pdf format. You may not distribute them without permission of the author. That’s me by the way. Hazim Haemoglobin.

Ali is a Jaywalker

Tales of Mheroun Prologue

Tales of Mheroun, Rise Of The Raven Club Chapter One - Last Day At Murdock


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