These Snail Days Of Mine...

Doldrums..swath me over with your bride,
I am such an easy prey,
Even that I must admit,

Such a conundrum...lest I leave my baggage behind,
You are now estranged,
Swimming in your own vomit,

Nature...nibbling on my decision making skills,
I still adore you babe,
Malgre en ce moment,a mon avis, tu es illicite,

Some fissures...I raise my glass and swallow pills,
Harking back to snail days,
When our arguments leaned more towards fires of wit,

Yet the present...enveloped in reminiscing,
Don't succumb to sade,
Therefore, let the helium out while you sit,

There's always heaven...more worth contemplating,
Our connection is frayed,
May it be that you no longer have access to my jujube pit,

So I can wash myself away....

Snail Days



© Hazim Haemoglobin



These Snail Days Of Mine

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