Secret Police

To whom it may concern
You are either a God or you’re a yes man
And the rest who deny this drive Cadillac sedans

Swinging batons, mollify notions of panic
Preachers raise their glasses, puking from their own tonic

Banging down
                and barging in. Don’t bother blanket banning.
What are laws and what are sins?

I will taint your daughters and spoil your sons
And when I shift phases, I won’t be the only one.
(Don’t bother)

Squirming in the back seat while you drive. (Gears unchanged.)
Mistakes come with cords we rationalize will tangle if not rearranged.

Green apples hanging bathe in infrared
Because you’ve never had anybody give you good head
If they don’t come
in uniform
You know they’re wearing personal stakes
Like a badge, one
teacup transferred storm.

I used to tiptoe warily for they may sheath themselves in shadows
And now I’m dancing naked on your tables while you gape below

You don’t have to trick me
 trap me. maim me. (Stop peeking through the cracks)
You can have my secrets.
I just want my freedom back.

Yours truly

Secret Police



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Secret Police

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