Say Yes

Tucked into the folds of my mind
are questions I’m dying to spill
Engine purring, leaving
Tumbleweeds behind, there’s just so much time to kill

So you pluck away at your mangy guitar
I recline on old leather seats
Homebrewed, songs would
smooth over scars, can I hold your hand when we cross these bygone streets?

Rays of Mother Sun lapsing into faraway signs
You lean in and I hold in my breath
But a fake out, you blurt out
another throwaway punch line, and my false hopes die another death

Because when you touch me, I feel like I am made of gold
Yet you’re impervious to shared glances
and sinking eyes, I never tire
of wondering if you’ll ever know, if you’re willing to take your chances

Lazy days sweep anticipation under dusty bedroom rugs
Fishing my dreams for new propositions
I know (I don’t) I know you wouldn’t say yes
If I offered up all my pent up love, so I can save myself from a possible rejection

Well, this smile is genuine but hell, it’s just a kiddie pool
You won’t wade in any deeper
I used to be home, when we were alone
Now I’m just sorta travelling through, still combing barren lands for my keeper.

Say Yes


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Say Yes

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