Romance Revolution

It was Saturday evening, rain was pouring, we were soaked
My breath was fleeting, suspension pending, I was already numb when you spoke
I walked home alone, hands in pockets, heart trampled in your wake
Hopes dashed, Glee won’t stop it, these empty spaces are infecting everywhere it aches

Thursday morning, I’m awake to let the residue wash over my conscience
The urge to sort through our old photographs snakes into my spent and tired cranium
Toast and morning breakfast beckons eggs, make a smiley face, the balance
Is restored little by little as clocks continue ticking to the beat of my life, a different rhythm

Now that I know what wasn’t meant to be, the world rests gently on my heart
The pieces click together, I don’t have to wipe my laptop clean of every memory we shared
Bridges burned will be lessons learned, it takes time to fix all that’s been torn apart
But I’ll play “Since U Been Gone” over and over again until all I can think about is what to wear
This is an ode to exes
This is a tribute to ex lovers
A declaration to the masses
I’m shredding all the covers
This is the new me painting
                                  new self portraits in higher resolution
                                                                                Love will come, I’m still hoping,
                                                                                                    This is my romance revolution.

romance revolution



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Romance Revolution

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