The Ex's Revenge

Babe, how was your weekend?
I know I had two amazing nights,
Who told you I fucked your boyfriend?
You can tell ‘em they were right,

Babe, it was really dark in the room,
And I guess my drink was spiked,
And uh, maybe he wasn’t thinking straight too,
But I can tell you what he likes,

He likes back rubs and teasing,
He likes it when there’s no talking,
He likes the birthmark on my chest,
He likes the way I do it, not too slow, not too fast,

Babe, he looks a bit like your sister,
And that’s a compliment, I think,
And I asked him if he missed ya,
And your boyfriend took another sip from his drink,

He told me I’m easier on the eyes,
He told me I’ve got the best damn thighs,
He told me you drive him up the wall,
He told me I should wait for his call,

He was better than your sister,
She moaned like a pregnant baboon,
He was a bit hesitant but reconsidered,
When I bet him he'd reach Vesuvius faster with me than when he's with you,

I fucked your boyfriend,
Because he said he was straight,
I'd do your mother again,
Because those were the best damn chocolate chip cookies I've had to date,

Babe, how was your weekend?
I know I had two amazing nights?
Who told you I've been fucking through revenge?
Well, you can tell 'em they were right.


The Ex's Revenge


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


The Ex's Revenge

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