Residuum Of My Misconceptions


dangling in the closet in between .
sulking cotton and dreary overcoats
South Hampton.
seashore houses usher me.
to plant my toes in sand and watch the lazy boats

places hands over eyes. 
just as I attempt to scan nautical horizons
Some illuminations.
only reveal themselves in goodbyes.
My mistakes leech my reasoning 'til faith wizens

trust is a hand I mistakenly accepted
caution was a friend I wholeheartedly rejected

Dirty duffel bags.
Lumped behind the front door.
One of these stormy days, I'll just leave
Coastline vision drags.
conducts weary eyes to creaky floors.
A house was a fort. Until our broken eve.

you were chucking yardsale heirlooms
and  your Sir Concubine sat in silence in the adjacent room

Accumulate on the lonely windowsills.
Light peers in feebly. Salt air mingles with the stench of regret.
Front steps.
Croak with each step-landing, I feel
like our roots won't fray as long as I allow you to nestle inside my head.

II.let's catch up

Bounding down the taunting steps
I tear my sights away from our sorry shanty
Bedroom balcony sneering down on my helpless self
Soles sink into by-the-sea soil as I forget to remember me.

Waves gallop through, waist deep now
New England cold envelops my exposed skin
An initial struggle, but my feet lose the comfort of the ground
That same nautical horizon narrows eyes, so I let its Erebus gleam swallow me in. the know

You've tied up laces. You're setting down luggage
Glancing over to children trampling over sandcastles. Gentle shore.
Soft winds and rusty doorknobs communicate a language
you understand. 
I notice our old photographs still startle. You sink to the dust ridden floor.

A bed of sighs and cast down contemplation. The seagulls overhead sing our perish song.
Dry your eyes, I was the one with the bad decision. And your love was faithful all along.

Residuum Of My Misconceptions


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Residuum Of My Misconceptions

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