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PLAYLIST ENTRY 005] If your boyfriend or girlfriend dedicated/sang this song to you, wouldn’t you just melt?

February 9, 2011

I did. It’s Vetiver’s “Everyday”. Enjoy. And melt.

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February 8, 2011

It feels like I’ve been waiting years and years for this album to come out. It has been a while since their last effort, In Ghost colours. The dance group are baaaccck!!! Is there anything that beats out “Lights and Music”? Anything that trumps “Hearts On Fire”? Any more FIFA gems?

The answer is yes, yes, and YES!!!! I love this album 50 times more than their last album, although, as a pop purist, I feel their last effort had better chances of making it into some Top 40 chart, but who wants ‘mainstream’ when you’ve got an album like this?

I LIKE! I love the way the tracks spill onto each other. Like waves. waves. The last album felt like a greatest hits collection (a great one at that), but this feels like a statement. They’re crafting beautiful electronic landscapes to drown yourselves in. “Pharaohs & Pyramids” feels like the theme song to a 70s game show while coming across as a sonic vision for the year 3000-all in one! And “Take Me Over” makes like an ABBA sing-a-long session with its giddy chorus. I love how each track starts off as if it’s right on the heels of the previous track’s closing.

MEH Nothing is bad! Nothing! I do wish there were more memorable hooks, but I can play this over and over again nonstop without touching any buttons. I’m not complaining.

SO… This is the best Cut Copy album to date. They’re finally making themselves more distinct.

CHOICE TRACKS: “Pharaohs & Pyramids” “Strange Nostalgia For The Future” “Sun God”


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PLAYLIST ENTRY 003] The song everybody gets annoyed when I sing it out loud, but secretly play it in their bedrooms when they’re alone!
February 7, 2011


Telekinesis (one man band by Michael Benjamin Lerner) is one of only two artists I ever chatted with online (the other being Jennifer Hudson a year after she got ousted off American idol, before Dreamgirls) and I remember ‘Kylie Minogue’ came up during the conversation. I was linking the ‘Na na na na na na na na’ drone in Kylie’s uber sexy “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” to the ‘Na na na na na na na’ in the beginning of “Coast of Carolina”, which remains, to this day, my favorite song by him. There is one other song I love on the same level. It’s called ‘Plankton”. He never released it and he took off his MySpace page. I wish I could listen to it again…sigh. For now though, there’s “Coast of Carolina”, bouncy power pop to chew on. I make frantic hand movements when I’m singing this song. So when you hear me going ‘na na na na…’ stay at least 5 feet away!

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[PLAYLIST ENTRY 002] Is James Blake cute?
February 7, 2011

James Blake

I’ve been trying to decide. I supposed any guy who can pen and sing “Limit To Your Love” is attractive. And the hazy video for the creepy yet seductively sexy “The Wilheim Scream” confirms it. James Blake is hot! Yay!
Look at more cute pictures of Mr. Blake: Click Here

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[PLAYLIST ENTRY 001] Cut Copy’s Zonoscope is out!

February 7, 2011
I only got on the bandwagon after I heard “Lights and Music” on MySpace some years back, but it was enough to hunt for every single Cut Copy song ever recorded. My love for their music is absurd. It’s a shame they’re performing in Australia and not here…so close, yet so far. They’ve got a new album out called Zonoscope. The cover looks inspired enough, but it’s the content that drives us Cut Copiers (a fan of them. Duh) up the wall. My favorite track is “Pharaohs & Pyramids”, house for young people and old people who want to be young. Rivals “Lights and Music”. Seriously. Check it out. Buy from iTunes! RAWR!

Buy the album here: ITunes

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