HazimI love lists but they do not define me. They show the things I love. The things I’ve seen. Everything that I have learnt, that has, in any way, inspired and entertained me. An encapsulation of order that is random. That is part of the paradox…

I’m a big music freak. The designer of this web site and my friend Martyn is also very enthusiastic about music. The big difference is that, where he lives, cool acts like Frightened Rabbit and Faithless put on shows whereas here, in this place called Malaysia, Simple Plan and Orianthi keep coming over. Hopefully, that will be remedied by year’s end though.

What kind of music do I like? Everything. Well..practically everything. There is no mainstream. There is no underground. There is only music you like. And music you don’t. And music you don’t care about. And music you might not have heard.

So…since I have this website, I’m gonna share with you the tunes that I listen to when I’m daydreaming, making love, freaking out after a break up, jumping up and down to in the clubs, putting on repeat while I study for exams. I’m gonna share with you what I like and hope that you like it too. You’re not uncool if you don’t like it. You’re just not gonna be following me to concerts. Haha.

Oh, and if you like what you hear. Support the artists and buy their music, please. Well, if they’re not millionaires already.

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