Burn the bridges to the ground,
Tell the town they're coming now,
Conspiracies are underground,
All that's lost is being found,

Secrets seeping through the cracks,
But metronomes are still in tact,
Angry words fly out so fast,
Can't resist the urge to laugh,

I'm still me, and you;re still you,
But you;re still doing what you do,
Fighting battles that aren't there,
The war is over, no one cares,

House of cards was what we had,
You turned a nudge into a slap,
Storms in teacups, sipped on that,
Absorbed in things behind your back,

So absorbed, you took some swings,
Batter up, friendship sinks,
From your mouth comes many stings,
Words I wish you didn't mean,

All because you overreacted to it all,
Jumped into fights you could avoid,
Fretting over minor creases and folds,
I'll tell you this, you're paranoid,

And a bad friend.




© Hazim Haemoglobin





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