Our House

You’re a dirty habit that I need to rinse
Later I’ll be bending over our kitchen sink
Choking on bad decisions, why don’t I ever think
to myself to gauge my own eyes every time I look at your filthy mug

We watch foreign films because we understand
Them better than we do when we talk with hands
Crimson reminders on the mattress, even the ceiling fan
above, is exasperated with our attempts to wipe the slate clean on our living room rug

If you refuse to do the dishes, it won’t factor in
I’ll just binge on take away until you resort to giving in
Stop fucking telling me what to do, I know what we’re doing
We’re going to asphyxiate our reality because your tear stained kisses are my only drugs
This roof above our heads exists because I sweat
Chucking dinner China, you’re claiming you regret
Ever grounding carte blanche into ashtrays, baby, you light my cigarette
and you can feel all these walls for a panic room, you’ll still end up reaching for my jug

White picket fences and matching furniture
We shoot down geese when we’re lonely with each other
Cry your sorry bleeding heart out while I cripple mine into fractures
Rings on our fingers grow into parasitic limbs that linger to the brink where we don’t even try to figure out…


Our House



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Our House

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