On The Run

I'll fall harder, if you touch my hand,
We'll move forward, if we understand,

It's all over, there's nothing left to find,
I'm getting older, I can't be stuck behind,

It gets harder, every single time you call,
Then I remember, what really made me fall,

It's your laughter, it hooks me every time,
No cold shoulders, I can't just cut the line,

We're not together, but we share a past,
You know it's better, if we try to forget all that,

Despite this hunger, for moving on with life,
Your face lingers, a staple thought in my mind,

Backed into a corner, I start to claw my way,
Out of forever, the one we once tried to save,

I'm running faster, from every thought of you,
You know the answer, you know, you know you do,

Don't ask me whether, I'd want you instead,
I'd start to stammer, you know I'd nod my head,

The past is sweeter. but it's over and done,
I've got to get sober, that's why I'm on the run,
You're running after, tugging at what I want,
Won't let it matter, that's why I'm on the run,
From your love, I'm on the run. I-I-I'm on the run.
From your love. I'm on the run.

One The Run



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



On The Run

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