burdened like a soldier
bogged down with frustrating straps and buckles
layer upon layer
of self denial.

and your peering leopard eyes
asphyxiate my form more severely than the army
of zippers. and cotton swarms.
reach out and help

some fingers snake around
solemn strings and unravel my wound up nerves.
beneath could be only limpid
remnants of a wannabe...hero?

persistent hands and whispers
blowing on my wet ears can be catalysts, I discover.
shucking trousers
kicking off dirty shoes
peeling off clingy socks
tearing away from this flannel prison. this fabric shell

I help you help me.

holding back an anxious breath
in a nervous throat. and a heaving chest palm-pressed
against unnecessary resistance, you say
just relax...relax. eyelid kisses reassure

under Guess jackets and blue jeans
past jungles of crepe de Chine and misleading oases of backstitches
only serving to dampen true bliss
to old proverbs and generation x governance
there's your heartbeat and the real life.

The real life
which trickles through veins
cascade from Hypothalamus basins
filled to the brim with prurient thoughts
prances cheekily past earlobes
slides down our napes and slopes of our shoulders
circling our excited nipples
in a light gambol with tired (yet excited) muscles,
wired to nymphaea and coiled around my phallus
before tapering down shuddering thighs
to feather-land in a busy-bed network of its kin.

flesh flushes
bones chatter to blood pumped buffers
so many stimuli. so little time
revel in the real life. you are your own self
and I am mine

our extraordinary cardiac machines call for curtains
so seal my lips and let me in
freedom's flight returns to

children of Adam basking in



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



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