Mind Of Mazes

Chewed up mechanical eraser butts.
Rapping exam pad-flooded desks
Slew of Mondays skewering mental nuggets ‘til there’s nothing left

In the mazes of my mind. In this mind of mazes.
I’m flitting in between elsewheres and nothingness committed to my wild goose chases.

I have no faith in burgeoning figures
Cold shouldering calculations
An army of supposedly underpaid lecturers have rigged my education

I spot some fleeting hope ducking under hedges
and imagination pooling at my dirty feet
Let’s romp around some more in buzzkill classrooms and wring out any remaining flickers of wit

Conflict of interests clash about in my room above
Sides of sex and whatever things collapsing down on crates of concern and care
They say if you’ve lost your religion, of course you’re gonna lose touch
I’m still somehow bounded at my study table to this God-forsaken chair

Two more months until the next race begins
And I get to yank at my Einstein-ish scalp-ornaments
Again. Are the prospects worth all the pressure cookin’?
So run, Hazim, run in the dark with scissors in your hands. Keep hunting for the elusive blue ribbon.

Mind Of Mazes


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Mind of Mazes

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