Love By The Sea

Hand, Come and take my hand,
There is a breeze, it’s not strong,
But let it sweep us off our feet,
When, we’re lighter than helium when,
I love you and you love me back and there’s nothing wrong,
With admitting your feelings to me,

Castles, sandcastles made with care,
Still, the waves snatch them away, but we’ll be okay,
Because we’re lovers, you and me,
Faster, slower, it doesn’t matter, I’ll follow you anywhere,
And the sand between our toes and the sunlight on your face,
Makes this a lovely day with a lover, that’s you, on the beach, by the sea,

Take my hand,
And love me under the sun,
Make footprints in the sand,
And I did I tell you?
I think you’re the one,

Tides, everything is a tide it will,
Wash away all the problems, cleanse our hearts,
Come and sit next to me,
And then, we can watch the sunset from this hill,
The sun is sinking into the waters, but we won’t ever part,
Rest your head on my shoulders so I can hear you breathe,

Come away with me,
And love me under the moon,
Make like lovers on this beach,
And did I tell you?
I love you,
I love you,

Love By The Sea


© Hazim Haemoglobin



Love By The Sea

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