Lime I Thought Was Lemon

Late mornings and early nights
Rolling around under cover slips...and self-help tips

Scrounge for safety in artificial lights
Please don't try to hold any bags...or blame it on the jet lag

because you've never been on an aeroplane 

There goes the second base, flies out through your tightly shut window on the ground floor
I'll just be saving my own face, no more invested knockings on your stubborn front door
Are you sure you can't?
Am I sure that you won't
extend your single use plans?
I hold out my hand (to you)
and you respond with a glare, a stare, and a seething DONT

Maybe i'm too close to you to see the big picture?
I was just trying to help your situation...scraped away your potential with my patience

Lime friend I assumed was a lemon. A pill, you're bitter
Bit the right portion on the wrong're not ready for a better life. At least I can say I tried

because I feel like smashing my own alarm clock and sleeping in

Are you sure you can't?
Am I sure that you won't
heed to thought out advice and genuine efforts to build you up?
so that you end up, more than
a 50 year old housewife still clinging onto couldabeens
still bummed about dashed dreams
all the things we shouldn't have to remind you to do
am I being too preachy for you?

Just a truck stop then. Just a truck stop then. Done with trying to polish up shit. If you can't commit. I quit.

Hit the snooze and...zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzZz...that's it.

Lime I thought was a Lemon


© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Lime I Thought Was Lemon

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