12/01/99.11 13 LILAC LANE

Sheer cold rushes in,
I wrap my blanket tighter round,
Mother starts yelling,
At me to get dressed right now,
I’m awake…I’m awake…I mumble in reply,
Winds rap on the windows from outside, 

Eyes peeping out from,
Underneath my dream state sheath,
Is Mother really gone?
No, she’s still outside waiting for me,
I’m awake…I’m awake!..I assure her thoughts,
Snowplows blaring as they grumble in the parking lot,

 Feet unsure, toes touch floor,
I shiver slightly, teeth chatter in response,
Mother’s scolding by the door,
Lectures from her feel more like taunts,
I’m awake!...I’m awake!...I combat decibels,
Sounds of morning shifters dragging shovels,

 Buttoned coats and gloved hands,
Schoolbags stuffed with books I’ve never read,
Fixing up my cobalt blue snow pants,
Mother’s already by the front door, I miss my bed,
I’M AWAKE!..I’M AWAKE!..I rush out, my boots sink in the snow,
I see the yellow bus from a distance, it’s time for school, I know...


11 13 Lilac Lane



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



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