A Teenager's Lament

I’ve always walked home alone,
My head consumed in angst,
Moods wallow in somber tones,
A teenager, then, in the fullest sense,
Of the word,

As others rush aside and by, I take,
More time to reach my destination,
There isn’t much at home to make,
Me want to pour in any participation,

Relationships with friends are fragile,
The ones with family so close it’s abrasive,
My preference to solitude is part of a worn out tactic,
So there’s no rush to face the music,
When it comes,

Gravity tugs at my legs, they threaten to give way,
My books and bags are nothing compared,
To the things bogging down my mind today,
And I could just pause right here,

For the house ahead is not a home,
Behind there’s only damned distraught,
And I’m tired and stubborn and I’d like to just sit down here,
And be with myself a little longer,
Unflinching, not moving,
Just stop.

A Teenager's Lament



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


A Teenager's Lament

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