From The Labyrinth

Traipsing in tandem with foreign sounds
I can feel my own heartbeat screaming out
Parched for release from the surface feeds
Heading underground to quench my needs 

Wonderland of mine swallows me down
Until I can’t even recall which part of town
We’re romping through, straddling youth
Forgetting things we’re supposed to do 

The gypsy kings all have glints in their eyes
The sewer rats proceed to make me feel alive
My hands in the air, and progress is stalled
We’re now in a place where Mother won’t call

And the lights may be blinding, the drinks hard
Here, I am finding, there’s no hiding my scars
There is only celebration and sex and just sweat
There is only you in my eyes to make me forget 

The skyline above us won’t miss my true form
And we’re content with deviating from the norm
I can stay with you here until your love fades out
I can be who I am without shriveling in doubts 

Where we thrive in confusion, feed off the maze
We’re confined to the labyrinth to peel off our days.

From The Labyrinth



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



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