Knees and Eyes

Come on over, to this lonely island state I'm in
Don't bother, I resist, don't bother to clap a hand on my shoulders
You play games I know I could never win

My ex best friend, spoke in plainspeak 'Hazim, you're unique!'
In pretend, ran past those eyes rolling and it cost me pillow punches in the end
Any prospects concerning you are pretty bleak

You told me you were sorry
and then you did it again
You did it again.

You're still furious? Well, I listen to ticking clocks
And they're delirious, haranguing me on matters involving remnants of us
evincing your evident pigmentation, color me as a tinman you can mock

Two more months are all that's left to make things right
Two more months extended to make room for this silly little fight

You pour in with apologies. I'm fixated on you pleading to the skies
And THAT'S the faulty degree. I was distracted with the sheen on your bended knees
A la fin, I missed those curtains in your eyes

Feel two feet. Feet to knee. But your words come down from windows too high for me to see..

because YOU told me you were SORRY
and then you went and did it again
You did it again
You'll do it again.

Knees and Eyes

[OK. So I was listening to Travis' 'Reoffender', which is like, one of my favorite depressing songs, and this came up. Structured as a song, the supposed 'chorus' is kinda ripped right outta the song. Hahahaha. The rest is all me though.]



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


Knees and Eyes

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