The Mystery Of The Missing Jawline

Find the culprit

Bury the phantom
Who robbed my porcelain
Who stole my handsome

who staggered His attempts
At snatching my poison
Yet I drank it all down multiple times without a moment's hesitation

Mama wears mascara

To bury the phantom
At Narcissus' wrong heel
Bedizened with tall reasons

Bedroom mirror hath concave
Reflections committing treason
Yet I distinctly remember at my 21st birthday, Sheila complimented my complexion

Evolving into a mascot

Of my past self's phantom
I scrounge hordes of shelves
For arrays of resolving venom

Oh,hold a Marple's convention
To salvage solutions
To solve this damned mystery
Before my shell flakes away.

The Mystery Of The Missing Jawline



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


The Mystery Of The Missing Jawline

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