In My Room, Out Of My Mind

Pick up stones to break some bones, 

Leave me lover, leave me alone at home, 

Chancellor be damned for driving me out, 

Cabbage patch kids with pig like snouts, 

Yelling at me telling me to change my ways, 

So I shut the door, refrained from another slam, 

Took a note from Ghandi but Phoonan was the man, 

The real homme to stake the point where it hurts, 

And I’d like to ground their faces into the dirt, 

A slew of FUCK YOUs to the vegans waving bb guns, 

Another middle finger at whoever thought I was done, 

All this space was exactly what the doctor thought, 

Would dig out my soul and bury that poster of Kate Moss, 

So this chocolate skin and the Hilary Duff CDs stay put, 

And I’ll be sitting here alone but you’re still on my foot, 

Unsurprised but acting like my stubbornness is a shock, 

Well, if you want me to change, you can just suck my cock, 

Contemplation tossed suicidal unkempt contempt out, 

And boarding up the windows finally let me down, 

To Earth although it eventually left me being way behind 

I’m still alive here in my room, and out of my own mind.

In My Room



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



In My Room, Out Of My Mind

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