I Love You (You Can Have My Heart)

Sunday morning,
Waking up in your embrace,
And I’m not leaving,
Pondering on your beautiful face,
Time gallops horses,
Leaving lots of things to think about,
I’ve become a hopeless,
Infatuated fool fumbling with his own mouth,
Walking in public,
And you tangle up your fingers in mine,
It’s like magic,
As corny as it sounds, you’ve invaded my life,
And I let you conquer,
Because nobody else ever brought me this peace,
I’m now a believer,
Despite my best efforts to deny you access to me,

Friday evening,
Another night intertwined in you,
In the beginning,
I was certain you’d do what they always do,
And leave me broken,
Kneeling on the side of my bed giving up on hope,
That a savior would open,
The door to my thoughts and secrets and hold,
Me close watching movies,
In the cinema or laughing at ourselves falling,
Into each other truly,
Even when we argue, we’ll always end up making,
Up and reconciling again,
Everybody’s scolding me for being hesitant,
I think I finally understand,
Why you’re worth it, because you accept me for everything I am,
Even if my flaws,
Are ridiculous, you say I’m unique,
I want more and more,
I haven’t admitted to you but I’m going to do it,

I’ve always found the right words to say,
I always had a problem saying them to your face,
But isn’t it obvious? Don’t you feel it too?
I feel it whenever we’re together and when we’re apart,
Baby, I love you,
And you can have my heart.

I Love You



© Hazim Haemoglobin



I Love You (You Can Have My Heart)

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