Winter hymns and spring’s daffodils,
And posted notes stay where they are,
Breezes sweep in, frayed cobwebs sway on the windowsill,
And photographs of you scattered ‘cross the floor,

Rust collects, a mess neglected and I don’t mind,
This room consists of what reminds me of you,
Your scrapbook, scribbles, your words, your life,
Your letters are treasured residue,

My thoughts glide through moments shared,
My fingers aren't crossed but I'm pressing for luck,
But we know once the sun sets, you'll still be there,
In the morning, and you'll wake up to my touch,

My thoughts hang on hope, because it floats,
My strength comes from your strength, that's the truth,
The rays sift through, ushering me to go,
And say my prayers, wear my best clothes and wait for you,

We didn't deal with naysayers to end up in a heap,
In time, I'll be walking by your side, clasped hands tightly,
In time, you'll be reaching out calling out for me,
And it will take me seconds to answer you, to tell you not to worry,

Because even if the light bulb's dim,
And even if the winds start rushing in,
As long as we've got us, there's a reason worth breathing,
And if there's that, there's still a reason for hoping,
And you're going to be alright.
You're going to be alright




© Hazim Haemoglobin




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