Who. Who. WHO.
Who’s gonna love me the way you do?
Why. Why. Why do I bother climbing back into your cave for more?
Cry out your lovely bloodshot eyes.
Sympathy straps me to the backdoor.

Pulse was steady then.
Press your chest against my own
I am this cold floor.

Falling out. of love.
Collapse into second thoughts
With the same outcomes.
Fourth heart sounding out
Doop. Doop. Like a tired snare drum
Tension can’t be saved

Gripping doorknobs. Yeah.
I’m leaving you again bitch
(Insert an eye roll)

Who am I kidding?
Lean back and sip some more wine
Your thumb’s revolting

But I’m still attached
Erections like labor pain
You still drive my sex

Murmurs turn violent
Swollen lungs. Other members
shrug off last night's brawl


Climax down steep slopes
Heartbeat’s timed to your mood swings
Waiting for the end.

Soon these ups and downs
Will scythe away our sick roots
and leave us gasping (doopdoop)

Inhaling last breaths
The air reeks of discolored faith
Stale and wintery

Who. Who. Who.Whoooooooooo......oop.
Who’s gonna love me the way you do?
Why. Why. Why is my rhythm rigged to serve your sorry excuse for love?
Son of a gun, you suck me out and breathe me in
Let me die the next time
I return crawling claiming I can’t get enough.




© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012



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