Ghost Town Peregrine

Perches on the old high tree,
They’re occupied spaces, there are no empty seats,
Rejected souls , may they rest in peace,
May I live free,

Walking among the odd wonders of nature,
They are sidelined, maligned, confined creatures,

Tumbleweed fumbling towards new discoveries,
Of what occurs when I am solitary,

And the places they don’t go to anymore become my habitats,
Because just because I’m alone, doesn’t mean I’m lonely where I’m at,

And I thrive on solitude,
I am a travelling man,
Oh, I don’t need you,
Because you’d never understand,
I am a ghost town peregrine,

The population and the metropolitan,
They’re there and I admit that at times, I am tempted,
But I’ve been there, I’ve been,
And now I’m free,

I let the wind carry my voice should I ever need to speak,
But words are not necessary, they are just obstacles to me,

A resting place is found for the night, I lay my head,
Dreaming of the things I wasn’t able to say,
When I left,

Oh, but there are nights when it’s cold, and it nips at my mind,
And it makes me miss you, though there is no regret I have left that life behind,
I still miss you,
But you wouldn’t understand,
Oh, you couldn’t understand,
I am a ghost town peregrine,

Ghost Town Peregrine



© Hazim Haemoglobin



Ghost Town Peregrine

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