A Fracture. A Flood

Stagnant water. Attempts to relax her mawkish nature
Night slinks through,                         restless,                       restless.                                           Time to ponder.

Stirs shift to stammers. Doldrums sweep in, hushes her yearning
Probity constructed from porcelain. Despite the chest drumming,

A drip.
A drop.
            A ripple.

He is coming after her scent. A twitch in time and she’s fast asleep
Guards are only effective as effigies of venerated marble deities

More ripples for the panther step. The door creaks open to reveal
Not framed by, but camouflaged in immoderation, she is another trinket to seize

 The flow of Adam’s ale quickens chase. Anxiousness always hurdles the gates of pride
A rush of blood through unrestrained fingertips lead to startled gasping eyes

A crack.
A frac     
Whirling in a fashion of panic. He draws the blade, a flinch from her
A grudge from him. Those aren’t a man’s hands, they’re soulless, not like Father’s

Washes over those milky white thighs. Wine on his breath. Breath on her heaving breasts
An entrapment she cannot pry. Disquiet in her mind…is this another of God’s tests?

Phallus reeks of shamelessness. The night seems to crawl on its underbelly
A grip extolled for a forced kiss. Water’s turning on tides whose fluctuations vary

Pride cripples in a heap of flesh. He stands, hunched, yet satiated
See his grin?
And disgust in the corners of his eye?

Playing dumb and lifeless. Eyes can barely withstand the weight that has accumulated
Left his sin
Pillaged her sanity and his own distorted pride

Rustles in the night ransack any opportunities for rest
There is turmoil in her trembling. There is heaving of her chest.
Tomorrow, she shall let her tainted person swell upon the Republic
And they can bathe
                                                                                                                                    in her flood.

A Fracture A Flood



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


A Fracture A Flood

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