Those Filemot Forms

Back alleys of our childhoods
Some memories never have a chance to fray
Articulations always misunderstood
...and hopes and dreams fade, filemot forms of what was once a vibrant pulsating hunger

..seep into the storm drain,

Playground bullies and negligence
Strap us into attempts to forget these damn molds
Naysayers corrode any vestige of patience
and hopes and dreams fold, filemot forms of what was once alive and impenetrable

...are our parasites until we grow too old,

If we're old enough to drink, we're old enough to think,
Still wailing at the thought of road blocks ahead
Trading in dreams for modest plans of jagged fences and dirty kitchen sinks
and hopes and dreams in our heads, remain as filemot forms of what was once a vital urgent heartbeat

Who cares?
Those hopes and dreams

...are dead.

Thos Filemot Forms



© Hazim Haemoglobin 2012


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