Ororo Monroe,
I’m reading X factor issues on my twin sized bed,
Really slow, really really slow,
Waiting for that somebody get out of my head,
Pretty things,
Will always catch my lazy eyes in any light,
What’s wrong with me?
Am I so desperate for somebody to fuel up my nights?

Every day, every minute,
Fingers fiddling with my cell phone ready to dial,
I doubt you know it,
You don’t know you’re the reason for my constant smiles,
3:43 am can’t sleep,
Instant dose of restlessness thinking of your Burberry,
I’ll buy you another bottle free,
I’m upset I’m obsessive but I’m ecstatic when you’re near me,

Today, at the café,
You placed a hand on my thigh and I laughed in a nervous way,
You’re too cute for me,
Damn the thoughts that stroll through my head when you say my name,
It sounds so clear, alive,
I should record it in my cell phone and use it as my alarm in the mornings,
One night with you, and I’d die,
If I could have you, and I know I can’t, but I keep on, keep on hoping,

Damn this stupid crush of mine.
Damn this stupid crush of mine.




© Hazim Haemoglobin




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