There are multitudes of ways you can get in touch with me. I’m very willing to engage in conversations and debates on sex, religion, love, politics, and HazimPokemon. There are already links to other places you can find me on the worldwide web in the AFFILIATES section, but if you want to be more direct, I am always ready to oblige.

YM: killthemessengerday89
SKYPE: hazimhaemoglobin

If you would like to mail a bomb or a letter stuffed with anthrax, then send me an email requesting my mailing address and I’ll reply with one of my ex’s home addresses.

If you would like to call me to tell me how terrible my fashion sense is or how much you’d like to stick a Royal Selangor fork in my left eyeball, send me an email requesting my cell phone number and I’ll reply with the number of the nearest Pizza Hut.

Much love. XOXO

Thank you for supporting Hazim Haemoglobin.





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