Chasing Sands

There was I,
There was Simoom,
Tremor in my knees,
Is there pending doom?

No, alas, it was an opportune,
Rearing two guises,

There was I,
Afraid to leave,
And shed my skin,
In His territory,

A forced hand, it took a push,
I was not ready,

There was I,
Bemoaning fate,
In disarray,
I waited at His gate,

Seconds dragged, the desert heat,
It was nothing compared,

There was Simoom,
Patters trudged,
My gait unfocused,
He commanded 'Rush'

And so I lunged,
And I was lost initially,

There was Simoom,
Violent, thundering through,
He trialed my patience,
And then I knew,

Simoom was right,
And I was wrong,

Here I am,
A path I understand,
There I was,
Chasing sands,

Thank you,

Chasing Sands



© Hazim Haemoglobin



Chasing Sands

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