[BLOG ENTRY 014] as long as I have some hair left, I might as well splurge on making it look good, right?

February 26, 2011


I just got my freakin hair done!.......................AGAIN.

I really really love going to the hairstylists and letting them make my coif look Tyra ready. My face is shaped like a lego, square and blargh, so it’s really difficult to find a suitable hairstyle. There are more hits than misses, and each visit seems to spike in price.

So I just did my hair at a place my best friend Dayana goes to often, because it’s within walking distance of her house in Seremban. I told her I wanted to ‘go cheap’ this time because my hair was still pretty short. She recommended this little salon with a cement (!) floor. Interior design aside, the place was pretty nifty.

The reason I go, I think, is not really because I want my hair to look good, because with a face like mine, it’s really not something I can always have. I go because I like being pampered. I love people massaging my scalp. I love 2-3 people blowdrying my hair at the same time. I love somebody paying attention to the little details.

In the end, when you shove out Rm100 and above at the salon, is it worth it? The results are iffy. My facial structure and shape don’t look the same as they did 2 years ago, so I can’t try the looks that are suitable for skinny faces, and even I’ll admit I don’t have as much hair as I used to. It grows at a much slower rate. But as long as I have hair, I am going to at least make it look presentable.

FACT When I was a kid growing up in the US, in order to save money, my father would tell me to strip and wear a large newspaper, with a hole punched through to slot my neck in, and then he’d pop a bowl on top of my head and cut around it. I’ll post pictures when I manage to find a scanner.

From kitchen bowls and newspapers to scalp treatment and steaming sideburns. From a 10 minute cut to a 4 four pampering. I’ve come a long way, huh? Haha.


-Hazim Haemoglobin-

MOOD: hairy

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[BLOG ENTRY 013] whatever things. Hazim Haemoglobin is NOT a journalist.

February 25, 2011
Hazim Haemoglobin

Back in January, my mother suggested I send in an application to be a journalist to New Straits Times, one of the prime English newspapers in Malaysia. She was either being sarcastic or exhausted with my stubbornness to even attempt to do something noteworthy with my life. For some odd reason, I followed through with an application to the newspaper with a short essay about the debates my mother and I usually embroil ourselves in

Fast forward to the present. New Straits Times called me up to tell me I had an interview. See, if I get through this interview, what I’d be getting is a three month training course with an allowance of RM1200 per month in Kuala Lumpur and I’d be assigned as an apprentice to a journalist. After the three months, they’d decide whether I was good enough to have my articles printed in the national newspaper. The thing is, when I applied, I didn’t know what was at stake, and because of that, I really didn’t care about the outcome.

I’m a business student. I honestly don’t know much about journalism other than how to sugar coat sour truths and dress up your words to appeal to the masses. See? I’d make a terrible journalist! Because of this lack of knowledge and a day of no sleep (panda eyes again), I opted out of going for the interview.

So I called their HQ to cancel, and amidst some confusion on their part, I was ‘let off’. Two hours later, they’re calling me back up and telling me they’d like to rearrange the interview so that I can come at a date and place I set.


For a big shot newspaper like New Straits Times to be shifting around so I can be interviewed is fishy. Me, I’m a nobody. It all seemed really fishy. Needless to say, they said they’d be calling back on Monday and I can set the time and place.

I love writing. My written work makes me who I am. I live on words. But I am not a journalist. I think. It just doesn’t have the same pull as literature or even artist for me. I am going to try and set the date for Thursday. I will be wearing rainbow socks. And I will, despite my lackluster mood about this whole affair, put my best foot forward and try to get enough sleep the night before so I don’t have panda bear eyes.

Wish me luck!

-Hazim Haemoglobin-

MOOD: whacking flies with a rolled up NST newspaper

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[BLOG ENTRY 012] things I do when nobody’s looking


February 20, 2011

Do you have secrets? Deep dark twisted secrets that you’d never ever ever share even with your closest friend? If you do, then I’m just like you. I harbor many secrets, but many of them  end up pouring out o my friends sooner or later. A girl named Aqma once asked me how I dealt with people talking about me behind my back (believe me, there are a lot of people who prefer to whisper about my rainbow socks) and I replied “tell as many people as you feel comfortable telling to avoid your friends finding out from a secondhand source.”

It’s worked for me so far. There ARE however still secrets I have been hoarding in my heart all this while, and this blog entry will reveal 5 of them. One of them will make Martyn Wilson squirm. One of them will make my mother think twice about leaving me unattended to at home. One is obvious. One annoys the fuck out of my cousin who likes to stash chocolate in the fridge. And one might hurt my credibility when it comes to music. Let me dribble some secrets on you!   

 Blog12 2


Hazim likes Cut Copy! Hazim adores James Blake! Hazim sings…Hilary Duff?I’m coming clean! I’m not ashamed actually. Hilary Duff songs are perfect for soaping your butthole and brushing your teeth to. I’ve been caught several times by people barging in or people who just ‘happened’ to be lollygagging around outside the bathroom window at my college. When nobody’s looking, I reach for the soap and press play on “Come Clean” , the song title of which is very suitable for scrubbing in the tub. Yeah! 

Blog 12 3


Yes. This is pretty horrendous but I do have unhealthy gnawing addiction. I’m not sure whether psychologists have looked into this, because I’ve never told anybody before, though my best friend does know. I can’t stop gnawing and chewing and biting on cloth mostly, though it can be gum or even plastic. It calms me down. It helps me think.  After reading this, you might think I’m insane and you’re probably right. This is just another notch in my abnormal self. My mother actually buys cloth specifically for the use of biting so that I don’t chew threw my clothes and towels…see ho much of an addiction it is? I gnaw the most when I’m upset. I don’t know how to overcome this or how major it is, but it does calm me down. And I only do it when nobody else is looking.

Blog 12 4


This is obvious. Duh. Don’t sit in front of me and expect me to pen something. Leave me to pen a prose by myself. Haha.

Blog 12 5


My cousin likes to hide chocolates in the fridge. My mother likes to hide cookies in the cupboard. There is a saying in my house-if it’s unattended for two days, Hazim is going to eat it. I am such a pig. I wait for everybody to fall asleep or leave the house, and then, like the rat I can be, I rummage through the kitchen looking for food. I love dark chocolate, wafer cookies, and bread stuff with vanilla cream. You have been warned. Go barbwire your kitchen NOW.

Blog 12 6


Hmmmm…isn’t this normal though? I wait for people to fall asleep or people to leave as well, then I go commando. I might bake cookies naked. I might read a book naked. I just feel very comfortable being a nudist at home. Thank god for tinted windows during the day. At night? Gawk at my buttcheeks, neighbors!
Sooo..what do YOU do when nobody’s looking huh?

-Hazim Haemoglobin-

MOOD: raiding the fridge naked while thinking up poetry

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[BLOG ENTRY 011] don’t leave the house if you’re sick and you haven’t slept much! Look out panda eyes!

February 19, 2011


That’s a picture of my niece. Her name is Shalisha and she just turned two. Unfortunately, she had to turn two when I wasn’t feeling well and I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep.

Blog11 2

So when I was dragged (even after last week’s awkward moment) to McDonalds in Tebrau to assist in her birthday party, I had OMG PANDA EYES and it just sucks. Dark circles have been the bane of my existence since I rarely get enough sleep, and when I’m sick, I get even less.

Blog 11 3


Whatever. Shalisha was cute, although I do think the angel wings were a bit much. She seemed to enjoy the music more than anything (a mix of all Lady gaga songs apparently). I wish I could throw a huge bash for my little brother, but my mother would never allow it. Sigh…it’s really not fair how other kids get all this special treatment and my little brother is the kind of kid who actually squeals in delight when you give him a PLASTIC BAG to play with. Easy to please..but still…he deserves more.

-Hazim Haemoglobin-

MOOD: baggy eyed and missing his little brother

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