Bad Romance

I give him flowers, He tells me lies,
I get depressed, he dries my eyes,
He gives me gifts, I want his time,
I tell him this, he asks me why,

It makes him cringe, It makes me sad,
To lose the sparks that we once had,
We used to laugh at nonsensical things,
He used to be my only king,

And now we're fighting, him versus me,
Because I'm spilling how I feel,
About the way he was, the things he did,
He's raising fists, this fight is big,

He's irritated, He slams the door,
I don't think he loves me anymore,
There is a pause, a pause and then,
I hear him knock on my door again,

I don't know why I let him in,
Because his words are pretty things,
That touch my heart, tug at the strings,
Oh yes, his words are pretty things,

Every time we fight like this,
I try to coax him, then he gets pissed,
And then there's yelling, screaming, fits,
It's a battle of volume, not of wits,

He's not the way he used to be,
He used to be the air I breathed,
He's now a drug, He's not for me,

That's what i keep trying to tell my head,
My heart won't listen, it causes pain,
To want someone you want so bad,
To have him pull me in, then push me back,

It's everyday I think of him,
And this bad romance I'm living in.

Bad Romance



© Hazim Haemoglobin



Bad Romance

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