ALLPOETRY: I write poems. Yeaps. Can you believe that? I also post them on this brilliant website called AllPoetry, as well as partaking and holding poetry contests.Click here


DEVIANTART: I’m not very active, but I am planning to be for the later portion of 2011. Check out the work I sectioned off as my Favorites. They’re worth looking into. There are lots and lots of talented artists who aren’t getting the shine they deserve. Support them! Click here


FACEBOOK: I don’t think my friends can mention Hazim without mentioning Facebook. It’s where I get all hyperactive and connect to my ‘friends’. Add me and I’ll love your pixels. Click here

Last FM

LAST FM: I really like Last Fm, and I suggest it to anyone who’s looking to sampling music before buying. Or checking out an artists to see whether you’ll like the music or not. Or finding similar artists to your favorite artist. Lots of stuff. Love Last FM. Click here


MYSPACE: It’s dying. Don’t bother. You can try your luck though. Click here




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